Weekly E-mail – May 22, 2020

By SMRUC_admin
May 30, 2020

Dear Friends of Christ!

This Sunday is the end of Eastertide. In the church calendar, we remember and celebrate the ascension of Christ. The ascension of Jesus is alluded to in several passages of scripture, and foreshadowed in a few others. But only in the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles is it really given a narrative treatment. What do you make of the story? 

Whether you “believe” in it or not, the story does give the explanation of why we don’t have Jesus still with us in body. Narratively it is interesting, because it shows there is time after the ascension but before Pentecost (when the Holy Spirit descends and anoints the disciples).

Entering that time is somewhat akin to the Holy Saturday time—after the crucifixion but before the resurrection; holding to promises yet to be fulfilled. 

Yet unlike the Holy Saturday time, the disciples were not idle or afraid. They had a calling. Immediately before he ascends, Jesus says, “Go out from this place and be my witnesses.” 

I wonder, is there a lesson for the church today in this? 

“Today, almsgiving is no longer enough. Love of neighbour calls for social justice, for transformation of society, so that the victims will be delivered from their crushing burdens. In our day the love of neighbour generates a passion for justice… We cannot come to know Canadian society if we only talk to our friends.” –Gregory Baum, Compassion and Solidarity: the Church for Others       

The Sunday Service will be posted here: (www.youtube.com/channel/UCaVx4LJzHN9J6dtYlpvF0Zg/videos)   

And I hope to see many of you connect again for our virtual fellowship time via zoom

Phil Read is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting at 11 am every Sunday.

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Calling 613 Kids – See attached and send pictures with rocks and/or “proud to be” shirts to Twila: twila.macnair@gmail.com

 The Affirm team would like to invite those who have Netflix, to watch a moving documentary called “A Secret Love” about a couple who hid their love for one another from family and society for 65 years before coming out.  We then would like you to join Pat Adams and the Affirm team via Zoom for a discussion about the movie on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7pm.  Things to think about when watching the movie:

·       In watching Terry’s and Pat’s life story, what bothered or concerned you? …what gave you hope?

·       Were Terry and Pat feminists?   In what ways did they show courage?

·       Considering the attitudes of the times, the forties, fifties, sixties and after, in what ways did Terry and Pat manage and survive  the struggles and challenges that they faced  both as children and then later as a couple?

·       Are the decisions that must be made as a couple ages more difficult if the couple is gay?  Why or why not?

·       In what ways has this documentary affected you?  How has it changed your thinking or your beliefs?

Please contact Michelle McGill mtmcgill@mymts.net to register for the June 2nd discussion time.

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