Marriage: St. Mary’s Road United Church recognizes the fact that marriage is a gift of God through which all couples, in freedom and dignity, make a covenant with one another in the presence of their community, and with God. Marriage offers the promise of lifelong companionship, rich expressions of human affection, and the nurture of children.

St. Mary’s Road United Church believes that the marital bond is sacred and is greater than the two individuals. It creates holy ground on which persons are called to walk respectfully, as equals. Marriage is a committed relationship that takes precedence over all other relationships. Marriage is also a volitional act, freely entered into by two consenting adults.

St. Mary’s Road United Church believes God calls us to celebrate inclusion and belonging, and it wishes to accompany and support all persons (regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity) who share these beliefs, invite us into their lives, and choose our community as their own. Therefore, the church welcomes all couples, which are legally entitled to be married and are of consenting age to celebrate their marriage vows at St. Mary’s Road United Church.

a wedding in the Journey sanctuary

How to book: Simply contact the church office (204-257-0678). The Church Administrator will be able to check the availability of the church for your wedding. She will ask you to make a deposit of $50 to hold the date. The next step is to contact one of our ministers who will arrange an appointment with you. At this initial meeting the minister will gather information needed for the government forms and will talk to you about the possibilities for the worship service.

Marriage Preparation: The church encourages you to take a marriage preparation course. This course is offered through the Interfaith Institute located at the University of Winnipeg. The church will supply the information you need for this when you book the church.


  • Sanctuary fee $275.00 (Includes use of lounge and basement room prior to the wedding ceremony)
  • Deposit: non-refundable (paid at time of booking) $ 50.00
  • Damage Deposit (Refundable) $400.00
  • Minister honorarium: $200
  • Accompanist honorarium: $125
  • Events Assistant honorarium:mandatory (includes rehearsal and wedding day) $75
  • Technical Assistant honorarium, (includes rehearsal, if no rehearsal $50.00) $ 75.00
  • Caretaker Fee $75

All fees are to be paid at the church office at least two weeks prior to your wedding.

Music: Our organist will be available for your wedding. Should you desire additional music we ask that you keep in mind the worship nature of the service. Please consult the minister as to music selections.


  • Photography and videotaping: These are permitted but again remembering the worship nature of the event it is asked that it be unobtrusive.
  • Decorations: you may decorate the church with flowers, ribbons, pew bows, etc. but there is no need nor expectation around this.
  • Receptions: our ministers are frequently asked to attend wedding receptions. They cannot attend all. Please be understanding of this. If you do want the minister to attend, please extend the invitation well ahead of the event

Finally: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! May it be a wonderful start to a lifelong relationship of love. God bless you.

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