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By SMRUC_admin
July 28, 2016

Greetings of summer fullness, warm breezes, and cool refreshing water as we head into this August Long weekend,

This week we continue our “Fruits of the Spirit” summer worship series with our focus on “Goodness”.

Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa has a lot to say when it comes to goodness. He and his daughter co-wrote a book entitled “Made for Goodness” (which thankfully my friend and fellow diaconal minister, Laura Fouhse brought my attention to in a fortuitous moment of serendipity!). In this address he speaks of how we are all good we just have to realize and believe it.

Embodiments of goodness are all around us this week.  From the family bringing in a welcome donation to the emergency food supplies at West Broadway Community ministries (and challenging others to do likewise!), to a hard-working volunteer labouring on his vacation time to transform the children and youth space, to our gardeners busy weeding and tending, to our pastoral care visitors checking in on people when we haven’t seem them for a bit, to all of those who give of themselves to make life better for others – goodness is being shown in our midst.

We’d welcome you to join the conversation about goodness and other good things on our Facebook page at and continue the conversation in our Sunday morning worship.  Where have you seen goodness this week?

Please feel free to bring a coffee with you to enjoy and join us for summer worship in our air-conditioned Journey worship space, this Sunday at 10:15am.  Take a moment before or after our worship time to enjoy our beautiful garden space as well.


Debbie (and Phil who is on his last week of summer vacation – not that we’re counting or anything!)

Ministry Staff at SMRUC