The 613 Children and Youth Ministry

The oaks of justice, rooted in God. – Isaiah 61:3

Nursery Beginning – Birth to age 2; Location – The Nursery (main floor near the Journey Worship Space)

The youngest of the SMRUC community and their caregivers are welcomed to seek out the caring community in the Nursery during worship. Parents are welcome to come with their children during the 11am Journey worship service or drop-off them off with Brad Ellis, Nursery Coordinator, and his volunteers. We have a high chair, plenty of toddler toys and Cheerios and raisins for those who are ready for them. Infants and toddlers are welcome in worship at SMRUC, but if you think your child might enjoy playing with other little ones and you might enjoy some grown-up time in worship – the supportive community of The Nursery is ready to support you.

Tots – 3 and 4 year olds; Location – The Montessori Room (main floor near the Journey Worship Space)

Through playtime, stories, songs and crafts the pre-school children of SMRUC gather each week to learn Bible stories and have fun. They also enjoy joining in worship for baptisms and other special occasions.  Chelsea will welcome the Tots to join them while parents or other caregivers join in the 11am Journey worship service nearby.

The 613 Children Kindergarten-Grade 5; Location – Children and Youth Space (Downstairs)

Sunday morning at the same time as the Journey Worship Service, Andrea, Kristine and/or Terri, with assistance from Alyssa, welcome the kids in their very own worship space. Each worship will begin with a check in on the week, a quick review of what we learned the week before, and the sharing of the foundational story of the week. The kids will then have an opportunity to explore the lesson through structured fun activities and interactions.

Priorities for this program include fostering a spirit of community and ownership, learning the stories and traditions of the church, and figuring out what it all means for the kids in their own lives. Each month the 613 News will be sent by email and sent with the kids to share updates and plans for the month with caregivers as a source of conversation and exploration for the whole family.

The 613 Junior Youth Group – Grades 6-8; Location – Junior Youth Room (downstairs)

The junior youth of SMRUC gather over hot chocolate to talk and build community. They explore how the Christian Faith can be lived out in their lives. This group often takes on God’s-love-in-action projects, such as making music videos and raising funds for social justice work.  Marissa and Dave welcome the junior youth to their time together at 11am during the Journey Worship service.

The 613 Senior Youth – Grades 9-12; Location – Senior Youth Room (downstairs)

The conversation continues as the Senior Youth use multiple mediums to explore the world and how as Christians we respond. They are a strong voice in SMRUC’s ongoing commitment to Affirming ministry. Exploring other faiths, justice issues and more, they are a place to look for information of United Church youth retreats and find some the brightest young leaders in the SMRUC community.  Brad Humphreys welcomes the senior youth during the 11am Journey Worship service time.

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