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Philip Read

Philip Read


Email: phil.smruc at

Vitals: Born June 26th, 1980 in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Family: I am married to Dr. Aimee Patterson, an ethicist and love of my life. We have two sons – Julian and Theodore. We also have a very vocal and affectionate cat, Bijou.

The most influential persons in my life: My family and friends.

What inspires me? The belief that love is stronger than death and pain.

One thing that I love about SMRUC: The willingness to risk, to try something new and different.

Hobbies: Designing and building wood projects… often the designing happens as I go along.

Life Long Goal: To leave the world a little better than I received it.


Book: Toss-up between Anna Karenina, and Pride and Prejudice

Quotations: “All real living is meeting”-Buber; “God is Life”-Tolstoy

Movies: The Whale Rider, Dead Poets Society, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version only), and Groundhog Day

Television: How It’s Made, Antique Road’s Show

Music: anything sung by Serena Ryder

Restaurant: still sampling

Drink: President’s Choice Club Soda with a twist of lemon

Childhood Memory: Christmas mornings, the family sitting around in pajamas with torn wrapping paper and bows everywhere.


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