St. Mary’s Road United Church – Mission Statement

one faith, many paths – no boundaries

We come together as church, as a community that shares the written and lived experience of the Christian tradition. We come together as church, as individuals who find meaning in broad and diverse ways. We come together as church honouring that diversity, supporting each person’s journey, grounded in the story of the Word made flesh. We come together as church, as a community who:

welcome radically
We believe that welcome is a fundamental statement of home. We welcome the guest as family into a community of safety, acceptance, inclusiveness and openness. We understand that welcome changes us as much as it changes those we welcome. We see the faces of Jesus in those we meet.
worship totally
In all that we do, in all that we are, we embody worship. By our actions, simple and profound, we incarnate the love of God. We find new ways to be community, to explore faith and to be God’s people. But at the heart of it all, we centre ourselves in the Holy Spirit.
hope stubbornly
We are a people of tenacious and unyielding hope. We hope for others when others no longer have hope. It is from this hope that we turn to action; seeking peace, justice and wholeness. We strive relentlessly for the New Jerusalem – for the world God intends.
love wastefully
With Jesus as our model, our mentor, and our guide, we pour out love without any regard to the cost. We love without reason or benefit, without payback or return. We love because this, above all else, is the greatest gift we can give.
live intentionally
We know that our choices matter. Regardless of how small or insignificant they seem, we make them with meaning and intent – choosing to live with respect and awareness for the creation entrusted to us. We know that everyone is a child of God, blessed with gifts and purpose and dignity. We live fully into those gifts, celebrating and immersing ourselves in the life God has given us. We are the face of Jesus to those we meet.

St. Mary’s Road United Church’s Affirming Ministry Vision Statement

  • At St. Mary’s Road United Church we are committed through our mission statement to welcome radically, worship totally, hope stubbornly, love wastefully, and live intentionally.
  • We believe in a church community of safety, acceptance, inclusiveness, and openness. Everyone is a beloved child of God. We celebrate the diversity that God has created, that everyone is blessed with gifts, and purpose, and dignity.
  • A faith journey is open to people of every age, sex, race, family status, cultural and economic background, mental or physical ability, gender, and sexual identity.
  • We are open to, and affirming of, heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, questioning, and queer persons and their families, with respect to full participation in the church – membership, life passages, life and work, mission, and leadership including ministry.
  • We will work constantly to be a safe, inclusive, and affirming church.
  • We will work constantly for healing, justice, dignity, and inclusiveness for all in our community and society.

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