For those left to mourn, the death of an individual releases a complex mix of emotions. At the end of a long life the predominant emotions may centre around celebration of a life well lived. In those cases where life has ended because of illness or accident or other tragic circumstance, the emotions will include sorrow, anger, fear and shock. In all circumstances we believe God is with you, sharing in the feelings you are experiencing, and honouring the life lived. We offer this page to let you know the services available to you through the church.

The service: The service can be held in the church sanctuary or in a funeral home. The minister will meet with you prior to the service to select music, scripture readings, etc. for the service.

The eulogy: This time of remembering can be done by a friend of the family, a family member, or the minister. The eulogy is an important time to help all who have gathered remember with honour the person who has died. It is normally brief (approximately 5 minutes) and serves to spark the memories of all who have gathered.

Music: The church’s organist is available for services at the church. Funeral homes often have musicians they contact for services in their building. Recorded music can be accommodated at either location. The music chosen needs to reflect the faith of the church and have meaning to you as the mourner.

Interment: Traditionally interments take place immediately following the service with all those who have gathered going in a procession to the cemetery. While this is still done, many alternatives are now common. Families sometimes choose to have a private interment as a quieter time to say farewell. Interments are often done at some other time, or even on a different day from the actual memorial service. Our minister will try to accommodate whatever your wishes are.

Luncheon: The UCW Group (United Church Women) can serve food catered by a company arranged by you.

Fees: Our Church Administrator, Rhonda Abraham, will be glad to give you fee guidelines. She can be reached at 204-257-0678.

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