The Fly and Camel Café

Fly and Camel

The Fly and Camel Café at St. Mary’s Road United Church got started in the fall of 2011.

During our first six years we’ve had some of Winnipeg’s finest musicians as headliners: for example, Juno nominees Erin Propp and Jaylene Johnson, and multiple Juno winner Steve Bell.  We’ve held successful CD launches for Jonathan Wong’s ‘Keys to Home’ and Chuck Kroeker’s ‘Carlos and the Suspiroes,’ as well as an equally successful book launch for social entrepreneur Shaun Loney’s ‘An Army of Problem Solvers.’

We’ve raised money for Hospitality House Refugee Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, Refuge Winnipeg, the North End Family Centre, and many others.

Where does our name come from? Look up Matthew 23 verse 24 – but your Bible might say ‘gnat’ instead of ‘fly.’

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SMRUC Emergency Food Box

Did you know that SMRUC has an emergency food box located in the Junction space? It is for use by those people who might walk in needing an emergency supply of food prior to the regular Food Bank day. It is sorted and some may be sent to West Broadway as well. Sometimes our box gets very low on supplies. Please bring non-perishable food whenever you can to keep it full. [ Items like tuna, soup, beans, peanut butter etc. ]