Canadian Girls In Training

Canadian Girls In Training, or CGIT, began in 1915 and has been an important part of shaping the lives of girls, ages 12-17, across the country since then. With everything that is going on in this fast paced world, it is more important than ever for girls to have a place to go where they can slow down, relax, and just be themselves. We tackle some important issues, learn about how we can help others and where there are needs, talk about being comfortable with who we are, and have lots of fun.

We meet every second Tuesday from 7:30-9:00pm, usually in the basement.

We will have our elections in October. In December we will work on our Vesper Service. This year, the Manitoba CGIT Association wrote the Vesper Service for the whole country, and we wrote the skit portion of it!
We still have room for more members! Please contact us at SMRUC at for more info. You can visit the National CGIT website at, or the Manitoba CGIT website at or look up CGIT Manitoba on Facebook.

CGIT Camp Brereton

CGIT runs a camp at Camp Brereton in July every year. Stay tuned for information about registration for the 2016 CGIT camp.

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SMRUC Emergency Food Box

Did you know that SMRUC has an emergency food box located in the Junction space? It is for use by those people who might walk in needing an emergency supply of food prior to the regular Food Bank day. It is sorted and some may be sent to West Broadway as well. Sometimes our box gets very low on supplies. Please bring non-perishable food whenever you can to keep it full. [ Items like tuna, soup, beans, peanut butter etc. ]